Raptors Reasonablists Podcast

Raptors Reasonablists

Raptors Reasonablists is a Toronto Raptors podcast hosted by Blake Murphy and Eric Koreen of The Athletic Toronto. They provide “cold takes” on the Raptors every week. It is a part of The Athletic Toronto’s podcast network.

The concept behind the cover art is pretty straight forward. It actually takes pieces from various Toronto sports teams. The type layout and framing comes from the Blue Jays logo, while the colorway comes to us from the Raptors. The hardwood background represents a basketball court, the sport the raptors play.

How this came about is actually interesting. When Evan Kossman was hosting KossTalk, he reached out to Blake to be a guest for an episode. Blake was so generous with his time, that the episode had to be cut into two as it ran twice as long as the normal length of an episode. As a thank you for Blake’s generosity, Evan designed this logo for him.

You can find the podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes. If you want to listen to the interview of Blake on KossTalk, you find part one HERE and part two HERE

Podcast Cover