Parrot Partners Canada

Website Design

Parrot Partners is a registered charitable organization that runs a public education, parrot training and adoption aviary for parrots. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for relinquished, abandoned or abused parrots through humane and professional rehabilitation, training, and education.

Parrot Partners contacted me to see if I could provide an analysis of their current website. What I found was a basic WordPress site. First of all, the design was aesthetically unpleasing. Their navigation structure was suboptimal. From what I saw, it was clear it due for an overhaul.

Taking inspiration from fellow Not-for-Profit websites, I designed a site that would highlight what services Parrot Partners provided, while also finding ways for site visitors to get involved. From there, I was able to sketch out a navigation structure, dividing the pages into those two sections.

For the redesign, I chose to pursue a direction that highlighted the Parrots. The hardest part of building the site was combatting their over-delivering of information. I had to find the right balance between making pages appealing to the user while also delivering the information the organization wanted to get to them.

Thanks to Judy and her awesome team, the rest of the project went smoothly. I built Parrot Partners a fully responsive website. It met all the demands of both the business and the ever-evolving user base. Key features of the build include implementing an event calendar for their daily aviary tours; deprioritizing the infrequently used blog; and updating the copy.

I am proud of the work that was accomplished in collaboration with Parrot Partners. Most of all, I am excited to see where they go from here, as they continue with their rebranding. Hopefully, the website helps pull in a couple of extra donations!