Homestand Sports

Website Design

Homestand Sports is a media company producing live events, video, and podcasts on intelligent and interactive conversations on sports. They bring together real sports fans and some of the brightest and creative minds in sports for panel-based conversations in bars, rock venues, and digital media.

While visiting one of their events, I had the ability to meet with Homestand Sportsowner Kevin Kennedy. There we started talking about their plan to start producing organic content for their website. I found that prospect tantalizing. Immediately, I identified that going against heavyweights in sports content like Sportsnet or The Athletic was going to be a challenge with their site in its current state.

As their events were the primary focus of their business prior to the expansion, the website came second. There were a number of parts of the site that concerned me. My main concern was with the lack of https security for a business reliant on online purchases. It also did not highlight the next upcoming event as optimally as it could have. Nor did it have a way to feature any of the content they planned on creating. Finally, there were no social integrations to be found, therefore no way to interact with users between events.

After setting them up with a new server and domain, the website renovation started with simplifying the navigational structure for better user experience. We had to build it with their revenue stream in mind – their events. They host four amazing sports talks – Footy Talks, Hoop Talks, Pitch Talks, Puck Talks. We decided to build each their own page that would host content exclusive to that sport. The front page would then amalgamate the various pages.

Working with Homestand Sports’ newly-developed navigational structure, all that was left was to actually design and build the new site. In collaboration with marketing consultant Barry Alexander, we designed the structure of the pages. We prioritized their revenue generation, their social profiles, and their brand new podcasts above the fold. From there, I proceeded to build a beautifully responsive experience. The new events page is fully filterable. Visitors can endlessly explore the articles and their new categories.

As a patron of their product, I was proud to help Homestand Sports make this site the best it could be. I cannot wait to visit their next event!