Website Design

AEXOS, or Advanced Exoskeletal Systems, was established in 2015 by Charles and Rob Corrigan. It is a design and technology company advancing anatomical support in a wide range of applications. Together they designed HALO, a compresison shirt designed to reduce whiplash of the head and neck during impact.

Barry Alexander, marketing consultant on the project, brought me on to handle the web development. AEXOS had spent the past three years deveping HALO™ and they were finally ready to show it to the world.

At the time of being brought in, AEXOS did not have much of a web pressence. For the most part, it was a blank slate. That left an endless number of directions we could have taken the website.

The first step was setting AEXOS with a top tier server, capable of handling their workload as the business and their site needs grow. Building the framework for the website was the next step. The main goal to put content generation above the fold. After researching what worked on other websites in the industry, we finally nailed down the framework.

Melissa Nezezon, creative director on the project, took the framework and designed a wonderful website experience. She provided the assets and treatments of what she wanted the website to look like. It was on me to build her treatments into reality, and the website looks all the better for it. The collaboration was effortless, and while it took a couple of iterations, the website is now live and thriving.

I wish the best of luck to AEXOS on their Kickstarter. This product can be a game changer in the ongiong fight against concussions and player safety.